How to Create a Strong Password

Creating a strong password is our primary step towards our online security. But we still do not put a lot of thought into creating a strong password. Actually it’s not our fault, human brain always try to find out the easiest way to do something. Same thing it applies on passwords, usually we create a short, easy-to-remember passwords. It’s logical too the more easy password we set, it will more easy to remember and even a average person probably won’t be able to guess these passwords but what hacker who are expert in guessing passwords, they often use cracking tools and they keep on testing many different passwords until they will found correct one. Shocked!!!

So, today let’s adopt a good habit of creating strong passwords. We just have to remember few things for creating strong passwords:

1. Always use longer passwords. At Least six character long.

2. Never use your personal information in your passwords like your name, girlfriend’s name, spouse’s name, your birth of date etc because these information often available in public domain.

3. Never use same passwords for every account because if someone got/ discover your password then your all accounts will be vulnerable.

4. Never use words that can be found in dictionary because it can be easily cracked using dictionary attack.

5. For a ideal strong password you should include uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers.

6. Do not write down your passwords, always try to keep them in your brain or you can note down some hints of your passwords that will help you to remember them.

Stay Safe…