Installing CCTV Camera On blog

Make your pictures as the camera floated look at the top right corner of my blog is very easily done. 'd Like to know how? Agan "also want to install it on the blog agan? Okay I love tau deh, from the later agan" gak cry at the same you know me. hahaha PEACE gan: p

scriptnya this:
Way to install: 
1. Open agan blog. 
2. Login to plan 
3. Choose page elements 
4. click Add a Gadget 
5. Select HTML / JavaScript 
6. and last, copy and paste the script right yesteryear in HTML / JavaScript. Then save it, and see the results. Gampang sob huh? nah it's just who I can share. If no fault is said or what gitu beg in maklumin. I'm still a newbie note sob. hehe :) Do not forget to comment too ya! Oia you can also replace it with a picture of you :)

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