Dell High-End Precision Workstations

Dell High-End Precision Workstations

by Bambi Jones

The present system lineup of Dell Precision computers has been designed to acquire a larger user base than that for found previous versions of products. There's a good range of products to choose from, as well as options to personalize the various systems with. Be reassured that with every Dell Precision computer you'll get a basic 3-year warranty, 3-years worth of "NBD Limited Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis, and a 30-day trial of Trend Micro Business Security Services. Finding the research material on every Dell Precision workstation can be an overwhelming task. This article will quickly summarize the popular models and will attempt to help you decide which Dell Precision system is appropriate for you.

Desktop Computers

Dell Precision fixed workstations can be equipped with different versions of Microsoft's Windows editions. Pick from Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 or Windows 8 Professional. Choosing any one of these operating systems should be adequate for your business computing needs. If you're having a difficult time deciding on which operating system works best for you, know that the primary difference between the home editions and the professional editions is security. As a business user, there are several benefits you'll enjoy with advanced security features. Easily encrypt, modify and monitor data with software apps such as AppLocker, BitLocker and Branch Cache, just to name a few.

The entry-level fixed workstation model is the Precision T1650. This model comes equipped with an Intel 3.3GHz dual core processor, which can certainly be upgraded to more powerful alternatives. The Precision T1650 is installed with 2GB of system memory, which seems like it's not enough, but this can be expanded to 4GB if you choose. Storage options will vary as well, but the starting spec is a 250GB hard disk drive. The key points to take away with the Precision T1650 is that it's extremely affordable and flexible with its configuration options.

The Dell Precision T7600 desktop fixed workstation is the premium tower option you'll find. You'll find that this model will offer you more computing power and storage space than most other Precision models. Mix and match system configurations by choosing components that include different processors, operating systems, memory, storage, graphics, optical drives, etc. All Precision T7600 workstations are powered by Intel Xeon processors. Select from single or dual multi-core processors. Memory and storage configurations are quite flexible. A majority of the graphics controller options allow for you to connect multiple monitors to the system, some as many as four. Note that the Precision T7600 does not ship with any monitors.

Dell Mobile Workstations

If you're a mobile professional, than a mobile workstation might be a more desirable computing alternative for you. Precision mobile workstations are smaller versions of Precision fixed workstations, and they're designed to be like portable laptops. Just about everything you find in Precision fixed workstations can be found available as an option in Precision mobile workstations.

Two Precision mobile workstation models are available for your consideration. These are the Dell Precision M4700 and the Dell Precision M6700. The Dell Precision M4700 is the smaller of the two.The M4700 has been designed with a 15.6" form factor. In the Precision M6700 you'll find a system with a larger display, measuring 17.3" in diagonal. In either case, whichever Precision Mobile Workstation you decide to go with, you'll know that you'll be getting an advanced mobile computing solution that has been certified with its performance and has been equipped with the best parts and technologies available.

If you're looking for a business computing product, try looking into a Dell Precision workstation. Professionals of all trades have given Dell Precision workstations favorable reviews for their performance and reliability in computing. There are plenty of ways you can customize the configuration of a Dell Precision Workstation. Customizing a Precision PC is easy and can be done online through Dell's website.

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