New! Multi Blogging Platform Support Can even Post to almost all type of
Blogging Platforms like Blogger, WordPress(Hosted, Self Hosted and
MU), Drupal, Vox, TypePad, Windows LiveSpaces, Tumblr, Movable Type
etc., You can add unlimited blog projects and RSS Feeds for each blog, under any blogging platform to AutoBlog.

Blogger Poster posts on your blog network automatically, however you have bunch of options to schedule it! Ability to post full content blog posts from partial RSS feeds!

Capabilty to strip HTML tags from the blog posts [If you need only the
text to be posted in your blog and not any hyperlinks thats possible] Supports Image and Video Posting from YouTube with variety of Templates to Blend the post content!

Comes with an Inbuilt Rewriter to Synonymize Articles automatically with
45000 Inbuilt Synonmys, you even can add more. So no problems on Dup


Automatically submit your AutoBlog Bookmarks to Only Wire with AutoBookMarker
Comes with Powerful Text to Hyperlink,

Textlink Ninja feature!

Ability to add Random Custom HTML outputs at beginning and at end of every blog post.

Easier Link Building with Random Link Goodie!

Easily organize your AutoBlog Goodies with Categories!

Still if you have time you can Manually Blog with WYSIWYG Editior from the Panel and Post to any blog!

Ability to post randomly during each run to avoid content overload!

And even many more...

This System Will Run Itself 24/7 On AutoPilot !