6 Reasons Why Your Visitors Don't Come back

It is not an easy life as blogger because you have to work extremely hard in order to bring visitors to your blog. But what happens if those visitors exit and never come back? Or I should ask why will that happen? I’m sure you also want to know why no one comes back to your blog so here it is.

Less Updates

Readers want content and content on regular basis in highest quality possible. They arrive at your blog with a hope of seeing something new and after they see the same post few times, they finally decide to never come back because they get the feeling that you are not serious about the topic.
So you should try to update your blog at least twice a week.

Horrible Design

Do you want your readers to make you a lot of money?

Then do anything and everything in the world to make them happy.
But one thing that makes your readers extremely mad is poor design that hurts the eyes of your readers.
 If your blog’s design is not professional, get ready for two bombs.
(1) High bounce rate.
(2) No returning visitors.

Difficult Domain Name

Easy and memorable domain name is the key to get plenty of returning visitors.  Sometimes there are very difficult names both by the word selection and their length as well. If a reader doesn't even remember the domain name, how do you expect him/her to ever come back?
When going to purchase a domain, make sure that domain name is small but show too what your website is all about in the name.

Poor Quality Content

Poor quality content

As I said above , readers want content to be in the highest quality possible and if a blog fails to deliver high quality content, readers will surely try to find the alternative and after they have found the alternatives, there is no purpose for them to come back and see your blog.
Is there any?

Nothing Unique

In order to get returning visitors, you need to put a long lasting impression on the minds of reader and you can do that by adding something unique and different from rest of other bloggers.
Always try to use 100% genuine content. That can be your logo, your header or even your writing tone.

Too many Ads

Visitors hate those websites having number of Ads in the page. I too, close the website immediately when see large number of ads in website. What they want to get from the blog is content but when they see a large number of ads in the website, they close the tab immediately and go back to google to go for the next search result.

Yeah! That’s what which happens to me too a lot of time.

Have I miss any point? Let us know in the comments section.