5 Plug-ins to Help You Manage AdSense on Your Blog

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to make money with your blog, and Google's AdSense is one of the most popular PPC networks for bloggers. It can connect you with one of the largest advertising networks on the Internet, helping you to increase your revenue potential.

However, managing all the AdSense ads on your blog can be tedious, from creating the ad blocks to deciding where to place them for the most impact to inserting the ad code. Fortunately, there are a number of plug-ins that make the job easier. Here are 5 plug-ins you may want to consider to help you manage AdSense on your blog:

1.Quick AdSense

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Use this plug-in to quickly insert AdSense ads into your blog. The plug-in feature the ability to randomly place ads within posts, allowing you to try out multiple placements for optimal revenue potential. You can also assign ads where you would like them to appear if you already know the optimal placement on your blog. There are short codes for simple ad placement, and you can use the plug-in to place other types of ads, as well.

2.Floating AdSense Bar

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Help your ads to get noticed by including a floating bar that displays your AdSense ads. You can set the floating bar wherever you like on your page, and you can set the height and width. You can even use the plug-in with other advertising networks -- just plug in the code the same as you would for AdSense.

3.Better AdSense Targeting

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Use this plug-in to help Google display ads that are more relevant to the content of your blog, helping to increase your click-through rates and your revenue. Determine the areas of your site that will be used to select ads, and save your preferences for future ad selections.

4.Google AdSense Report PRO

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Find out how much money you are generating from your AdSense campaign right in your WordPress dashboard with this plug-in. You can see your earnings, view your history, and view charts and graphics that show trends in your earnings. This plug-in makes it easy for you to monitor the success of your campaign so you can make any tweaks as necessary.

5.Google AdSense and Google Analytics Remover

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Stop getting skewed results for your AdSense impressions when you or other users are logged in. You can use this plug-in to prevent the display of AdSense ads when you or other designated users are viewing your blog. That way, only real customer impressions are logged for your AdSense campaign and for your analytics.

Plug-ins can make blog management easy work, and these are just a few that can help you better manage your AdSense campaign to maximize your earnings.What are your favorite plug-ins for handling AdSense on your blog? Share them in the comments!

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