In addition to providing you with the means to become financially free, Profitclicking aim to provide you with the opportunity to become more successful in other areas of your life.

When you join Profitclicking for free, you gain access in your member area (account dashboard) where you also have access to Buy Traffic Only to advertise your websites, Buy Ad Packs that earn you money and also profitclicking Panels that earn you much more money.  And when you upgrade to Profitclicking  level 1 for $15 for every 3 months, you also access the other product called The Big Success Breakthrough. And you can study and apply these materials to become much more successful in pretty well all areas of your life.
Profitclicking can be regarded as an umbrella programme with three main sub programmes Traffic, Ad Packs and PC Panels.

Profitclicking is the programme that enables you to buy $10 positions that earn up to 2% per day (Monday - Friday) and 1.0% (Saturday - Sunday) up to 86 days until you earn 50% of your money ($15). At that point your position matures. 

And for every 4 positions (4 Ad Packs) that mature (reach 86 days), you get 1 PC Panel position. PC Panel position is a 2 x 2 matrix. Meaning, under your PC Panel position which is a $20 position, you get 6 slots. When these 6 slots fills, your position cycles and you get paid $60.
So that is basically how Profitclicking works.