increase internal memory of android phone

2) Clock work mod(cwm) Installed
Steps To Increase The Internal Memory
1) First of all make a backup of your sdcard.2) Now connect sdcard with your device & boot in recovery mode. (cwm recovery)3) Now use your volume key or menu keys to choose the “Advanced” option from there & select it.4) Now Select “Partition SD Card“.5)Now enter the ext size you want( like:128M, 256M, 512M, 1024M, 2048M or 4096M- depend on your sdcard size, if you have any problem ask in comment) 6) Now select  0M (zero)  as the Swap Size.7) Done , now it will take some time to format your sdcard & partition it.8) After its done, restart your cell9) Now intall the Link2sd.apk.
10)Now open the link2sd and a popup menu will appear.
(Check this picture for reference)11) Select the Ext2 partion & click Ok.13) Now open the link2sd again, & now you will be able to see all the apps installed in your device, so now tap on any of the app you want to move & select the option “Create Link”(Check this picture for reference)14) Now after clicking on Create Link , you will get another menu. 15)In that menu tick all the option then click Ok.
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