Get Adsense Account in Just 2 Hours - Free Method

This Trick is 100% Legal and Legit in the Eyes of Google. You will get the Adsense Account in less than 2 hours! And You can be from any country or any Continent...Who cares…

Step 1:
Create a Gmail Account from , Make sure it contains some kind of Name. Example: or

Step 2:
After Creating, Just login once into account, and Delete the 3 emails, which you would have got from gmail team.

Step 3:
Now goto and Click on sign up for Adsense Program. Now follow the below Screenshots Carefully.

Step 4:
Now goto and Copy paste the below Highlighted words in Red in google Search bar and Click Search.

This post confirms my ownership of the site and that this site adheres to Google AdSense program policies and Terms and Conditions

Step 5:
Now as usual, google will show results for this search term, Now Check for the website which has this statement in a separate page, My all time Favorite is
- This website got saturated, as you can get only 10 accounts/URL

This is the Vulnerability which Exists for years, and today im sharing it to all  its not Over yet, Please be patient and Follow the below Steps.

Step 6:
Now get back to Adsense Sign up page, and Type as instructed..
Website URL : This website or any other website which has the Highlighted Statement in a Separate page, Is always Eligible for this trick. With the Above mentioned Website I had 100% success! but not anymore, as it got saturated. Fill Up with your other Details now.

Street Address: This is the Place were, Second Vulnerablity Occurs. Just type as Shown in the below Address.

H.No. 111-13-34oldhousingboard

The numbers can be varied, Check below Examples,
H.No. 121-13-36oldhousingboard
H.No. 161-14-14oldhousingboard
H.No. 991-11-64oldhousingboard

Fill the Below Details and Apply for Adsense as usual. By this Way you will get your account. Now Be patient, Wait for 2 hours and Check your E-mail, Viola. Get Surprised with the e-mail from Adsense saying “Congratulations, you Adsense Application has been Approved”

After getting Approved, Login Your Account and Change the Address, it is as Simple as that. Stay happy and make a lot of Money.