AX Payne 2 The Fall of MAX Payne PC Game Full Version Free Download

Max Payne 2, only the length or quality and density not greater than the volume of production, which is remarkable.

Two years after the events of the first game, Max Payne stopped working with the DEA and returned to previous job as a police detective in New York. During the investigation, was found dead at the end of the previous installment in a series of murders of Mona Sax Max package is for washing. Despite the protest and the police, the arrest of Senator Max Gates, Mona, for the murder of research. At the station, talking on the phone about his new partner Detective Valerie Winterson Max Mona, I have heard. Suddenly, cleaning products, is an attack on the station Mona. Before his phone from his Mona breaks and at night. Then he stopped the fight at the apartment where the maximum, instead, began to seek those responsible for the attack on Max after treatment. Your search for Max and Mona defend themselves from the structure of detergent, leading to them. Then the enemies of their weapons, Detective Winterson and Mona escapes. Mona claims that Winterson, he tried out a stop to claims that should kill Winterson. After taking into account a number of points tumurcuqları Winterson Max to save Mona. Before he died, a hospital and as a result of its maximum tumurcuqları Winterson.
Max was in the hospital and then started looking for answers. The head of the local Russian mafia, Vladimir a problem when Max was kidnapped, call the company that used to work in competition with the LEM treatment, learn. Max, the LED at the end of the game dropped the charges against Max secret inner sheet, Senator Alfred Odin, they are learning. Odin plane of the blade and control, the death of his inner circle. Mona is a hitman for a maximum of Odin, LEM, and Max learns that orders to kill. Detective Winterson was Lem and his lover, shows that the burning building and then left him to die, senior tumurcuqları Max. Mona to stay at home with Max Savings and Oden sheet.
At the mansion, follow the instructions to kill him in an attempt to land blows monkey Max, but her feelings for him, and hold. Mona to kill Max, if we understand tumurcuqları Lem. Oden was in a wheelchair and the results of LEM is lost during the war, after Odin. Later, Max Blade, and a bomb in the house began to fight Blade triggers. Both down together after the town's full max. Max is a member, and ultimately leading to a shootout and died in decreased LEM LEM destabilize the platform. Up Mona back to him, the police came and died in her arms. Mona is the end game in hard mode.
Processor= 1.6GHz
RAM= 512MB=
Graphics Card= 96MB