Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Banned.

Google, the undisputed leader in search engines from then until now, is placing great importance for the quality and relevance of its search engines. Most especially now that the company is public property. To keep the shareholders and users of engines happy, the quality of results returned provide the utmost importance.

For the same reason, doing the wrong things in the Adsense and other forms of advertising, either intentionally or unintentionally, will result in severe punishment, can not even terminate your account. Nothing like a good effort to keep criminals from doing the same thing.

So for those considering a career in Adsense, do not just think about the strategies you use to generate more revenue. Consider some things before you actually get involved.

Hidden text: Fill your advertisement page with texts to small to read, has the same color as the background and css for the sole purpose of loading them with rich content and copy keywords will give you a criminal sentence, given to those hidden links.

Page cloaking: It is a common practice of using browser or bot sniffers to serve in a different page from that page to see visitors. Page load bots that the human user will never see is a definite no-no. It is deceiving to click on something that you want, but do not necessarily want to go.

several observations
: Copies sent to multiple domain and pages is another thing to stay away. For example, try putting Adsense URLs of two separate URL is the same as inviting trouble and even termination. Similarly, it is advisable to avoid auto manufacturers, who receive feedback. Better check first if the domain name has already been raised by a search engine before you try to do it again. If you see it there, then forward. No point to consider trying to put out again.

link farms
: Be careful who and what is your Adsense links. Search engines know that you can not control your links, but you can control what you link. Link agriculture has always been a rotten apple in the eyes of search engines, including Google. Reason enough to try to avoid them. Having a link of more than 100 on a single page to rank as a link farm and try not to do more than that.

Page investments for sale: If you've been online for quite a while 'time, you will notice that there are some sites that sell PR or commercial links with other sites. If you do this, expect a ban anytime in the future. Okay to sell ads or gain the link. But he does it directly to advertising Page Rank is a way to get search engines bad side.

Doors: This is similar to cloaking pages. The practice of a page filled with keywords choice ads aimed at redirecting visitors to another "user-friendly" page is a big issue among search engines. There are many SEO companies that offer such services. Now that you know what they really are, try to avoid at all costs.

Multiple domains with the same content
: In case you are unaware of what search engines look at domains IP, recording dates and many others. Having multiple domains having the same exact content is not something you can hide them. It's the same with content multiplied many times on separate pages, subdomains, and the transfer of several areas on the same content.

Many of the techniques are applied to the most comprehensive search engines, not just Google. Having a statement to build your Adsense on your pages for users of man and not robots, you can be sure of great things for your ads and sites.

Not to mention avoiding the wrath of the search engines and get your AdSense account and the site is completely stopped