AutoCAD 2012 for 32Bit & 64Bit Full Version Free Download

Design and shape the world around you with AutoCAD ®, a leading CAD applications. See more intuitive 3D, speed documentation, share ideas seamlessly, and customize AutoCAD for their specific needs. New tool for documentation and updated 3D conceptual design, sample and apprehending reality, AutoCAD 2012 helps design professionals to maximize productivity.

Tools of the model documentation
Save time by automatically generating documentation intelligent AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor ® ® software models and others. Import a variety of formats, including SolidWorks ®, Pro / ENGINEER ®, CATIA, Rhino, and NX ®. Views drawing of the screen and the location is immediately updated when a change is made by engineering.

3D Free-Form Design Tools
Now you have the ability to design ideas in almost every way imaginable. Simply push / pull faces, edges and vertices to model complex shapes, add smooth surfaces, and much more. The tool surface, solid, and mesh modeling, AutoCAD provides the ultimate flexibility and control for 3D design.

Autodesk Inventor Fusion
Add the 3D capabilities of AutoCAD and conceptual design sets a new standard for ease of use professional 3D modeling. This flexibility allows you to edit and validate models from almost any source to help you see the advantages of easy to use 3D DWG native format.

Parametric drawing
Drastically reduce the time to review the design with parametric drawing. By defining persistent relationships between objects, parallel lines remain parallel circles remain centered, all automatically. And now it can be deduced from the geometric constraints in real time as you pull, eliminating the need to manually set all object relations.

Support point cloud
Bring to life in 3D scanning, expediting long restoration and renovation projects. With support for up to 2 million points, you can quickly view and fix the exploration area objects directly in the workspace modeling.

The functionality of associative array
The reprocessing Save time by creating and maintaining a set of relationships between objects arranged like the windows of a building or a bridge structure. In addition, you can now connect to the network facilities in a certain way (rather than rectangular or polar option), saving more time for completion of projects or create the final documentation.

Support PDF
Sharing and reusing designs has never been easier thanks to strong support for AutoCAD PDF. The properties of TrueType fonts support, import and support capabilities and powerful editing, AutoCAD helps facilitate clear communication through the use of PDF.

Multi-Function Drill
Multi-functional power was extended to handle multiple AutoCAD objects, including lines, arcs, elliptical arcs, dimensions and more guidelines and 3D faces, edges and corners.

Gradient Hatch and improvements
Save time with observation hatch, greater control of avian expand the scope of functionality, and choose from several options for the appearance of cheating, with the background color. Easy to return all doors with one click.

Object and layer transparency
View drawing geometry with greater flexibility through the application of transparent layers, blocks or objects.