Saturday, 19 October 2013


It is the template that makes your blog so attractive, If you have a blog with unique and quality content and you do not have a fresh and attractive template then your blog will not be succeeded. Here I'm providing you the list og three best sites where you can download free blogger templates.

Deluxe Templates

Deluxe templateDeluxe template is a free blogger templates site where you can get free blogger templates and wordpress themes Lots of categories of blogger templates are available there. There are total 1247 blogger templates and wordpress themes out there.


BtemplatesBtemplates is a famous blogger templates site. Most blogger use btemplates to download free blogger templates. There are lots of blogger templates available with different colors and styles. 1 column, two columns, three columns and four columns blogger templates are available.


BlogcrowdsBlogcrowds is also a very good blogger templates and wordpess themes site where you can download free blogger templates and wordpress themes. There are two columns, three columns, niche, web 2.0 and lots of other categories of blogger templates and wordpress themes available there.

Above three blogger templates site will help you choosing a free and fresh blogger template.
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