7 Places for Social Developers

is a new place for developers and designers to share inspiring code, screenshots and links.If you ever wanted other professionals frank opinion on a piece of code or can’t make a decision between one logo or the other! Forrst is the place for you. It is just ramping up and is still in invite only stage, but I urge you to get on and get to sharing. Nothing better than being popular on the new it site.now you might be saying madness, I don’t want to have a blog. I am not hipster, who shares everything in hopes to have a movie written about them when they die. Although blogs are the best place to cultivate that particular type of pipe dream. It will also allow you share things you find cool, or link you wished you had bookmarked, its a ways to track your progress as a developer and as a human being. Maybe even open doors for you in the future. what happens to code you write and keep on your hard drive and you dont let anyone use. It never gets run, or used beyond what it was intended for. In my mind that is a complete and full fledged fail. Get on Github, and set your code free. Great way to learn new things as well. Pick a language and start reading. are you the type of person who asks a ton of questions and expects answers? Look no further the greatest Q&A site to ever hit the internet. Now that they are spinning off various sister sites even better time to join. Want to know more about cooking, coding, ubuntu, or maybe even something new. Vast knowledge base and I would recommend this for any developer who wants to know more.Do you want a legion of smart developer send links to technical articles and interesting things in the news? If so get ready to probably waste [gain knowledge] an hour a day there easily hitting refresh. Check it out.Now you may thinks Reddit is mostly used for finding cool pictures of cats and place where you can make fun of people failing. Although that may be true there is a vast developer community on there that have various discussions about development broken up is more ways you can imagine in subreddits, chime in! I know I said 7 but I can’t leave out this out for those of us who love competition, and awesome tracking of development achievements! Coderwall goes through your github repositories and gives you badass achievements on code you develop; they recently launched new profile pages that look awesome! Try it out!                                             —This post has been inspired by Scott Hanselman  He is a Professional Blogger & an addicted Web Developer. He is just a techie who likes to share ideas with you. He has performed the roles of experienced Ethical Hacker, Cyber Security Expert, Penetration Tester. He has also served IT industry by taking care of Network Security , System Security. He Has Found his Deepest Passion To Be Around The World Of PHP, HTML, Oracle, Red Hat, CSS ,etc.know more..
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