10 Most Expensive Materials on Earth

Antimatter - $62.5 trillion/gram

Californium -252 - $27 million/gram

Diamonds - $55,000/gram

Tritium - $30,000/gram

Taffeit - up to $20,000/gram or $4000/karat

Painite - $9000/gram or $1800/karat

Plutonium - $4000/gram

Platinum - $60/gram

Rhodium - $58/gram

Gold - $56/gram He is a Professional Blogger & an addicted Web Developer. He is just a techie who likes to share ideas with you. He has performed the roles of experienced Ethical Hacker, Cyber Security Expert, Penetration Tester. He has also served IT industry by taking care of Network Security , System Security. He Has Found his Deepest Passion To Be Around The World Of PHP, HTML, Oracle, Red Hat, CSS ,etc.know more..
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